PRE 100kgs Dash

This was going to be the actual dash to 100kgs but too many weekends out etc made it not practical. But by using this blog I’ve helped myself to make explicit the reasons for my weight gain. Work strain, not pre planning meals, night outs n hangovers…. all added to weight gain. Fundamental to all for me is to pre plan meals, so I know what I’m going to eat, or just make it so it’s easy aftet nights out. Anyways the results that were as below:

Monday ? Away.

Tuesday 107.9 been reckless past few day. Back up from my recent low of 105.1kgs.

Wednesday 107.3

Thursday 106.9

Friday 106.5 had plenty of junk. Feel like an idiot knowing what I’m working towards!

Saturday 105.9. It’s going to be beers n pizza etc for this long weekend till Monday evening. To be a horror show on scales.

Sunday 107.1

Monday 107.4

Tuesday 108.0 I’m away again this weekend. So let’s control till Friday pm atleast.

Wednesday 107.1

Thursday 106.9

Friday ?

Saturday ?

Sunday ?

Monday 109.9 !!!

PRE 100kgs Dash

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