What am I Doing pt 3 & 4

Week commencing Monday 10th April

Monday 106.1 kgs

Tuesday 106.1

Wednesday 105.6

Thursday 105.1

Friday ?

Saturday ?

Sunday ?

Monday 107.1

Tuesday 106.6


Thursday 106.6

Friday 106.4 clearly not tried since past 7 days. I’m away this weekend so will start again on Monday.

Saturday Away so not taking the weight scales with me.

Sunday Away

Summary: been wasteful last couple of weeks. I lost focus, and then came the easter break. I’m good at finding excuses. Atleast I lost 2 kgs.  Next challenge will be to lose a stone hence the 6.4kgs in 4 weeks. I will start again Monday for the dash to 100kgs. I need some jedi focus now. I’m determined and focused on everything else, so why not this. Until Monday … 

What am I Doing pt 3 & 4

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