Weight Reset


So I’ve been away from blogging for four or more months and not done much with my weight. I weighed 106.5 kgs this morning, target is back to 77 kgs. If I get this done by the end of the year, then I’ve done good. But by end of this month June I like to be 100 kgs, and end of September I like to be 85 kgs. So looking to lose circa 5 kgs per month, that’s 1.25 kgs per week, hence  9625 calories per week, or 1375 calories per day.

That I believe is doable until I at least hit 100 kgs. Will need to review thereafter.

Any diet works, just need to stick to it.

I’ve been able to control my diet and will stick to it as long as my life has routine. As soon as I lose the routine, the diet goes out the window. I had lost my routine in the past months, hence for me why my diet plan didn’t work.

Also I’ve noticed I need to exercise daily, even if for a short while to keep me focused on the diet. As soon as I get lazy with the exercise, I get lazy with eating. Exercise can be going for a walk outside, at a gym, or what I do and that’s at home.

Recently I walk and then jog at 8 kph. I walk for a few minutes until I warm up, and then jog, and walk again to cool down. I aim to extend the jogging by 1 minute per day assuming my legs can manage.  As of two days ago I could jog for 7 minutes.

The diet I aim to follow is of lean protein and some good carbs. Supplemented with multivitamins. I aim to restrict calorie to 750 per day + whatever I exercise. With exercise I get 200 calories burnt, so I should eat on those days I exercise about 950 carbs.

From now on I should post by adding tables of data showing my progress, being calories consumed and burnt, plus progress with cardio.

All the best to me



Weight Reset