Week 1


Week Commencing 1st Feb 2016:

Monday 105.1 kgs

Tuesday 104.6 kgs.

Wednesday 104.4 kgs.

Thursday 104.3 kgs.

Friday 104.2 kgs.

Saturday 105.2 kgs.

Sunday 104.5 kgs.

Monday 104.5 kgs.


So seems to be a small drop in weight, probably due to detox and loss of water retention to find my average weight around 104.5 kgs. Would have dropped more, but over weekend been feasting out, otherwise I was able to control my diet for the first few days.

The real challenge is over the next couple of weeks. I’m aiming for a change in the way I eat, so main focus is diet rather than exercise. I can burn 500 calories in the gym in 1 hour and then feel tired and hungry throughout the day which leads me to over eat, so first I need to control what I would eat in the other 23 hours.

Once I’ve made a habit of healthy controlled eating, my body and mind are adapted to the diet, and lost some more weight, I’ll introduce exercise, particularly cardio for fitness. Right now I need to introduce some light weights to avoid losing muscle mass. Idea is burn fat, save muscle, and feel energized.

Hopefully I will hit 100 kgs by the end of the month. Weight loss hasn’t been as dramatic as I hoped, but perseverance will prevail.


Week 1

2 thoughts on “Week 1

    1. Brilliant! Thanks for the link. Every gram of carbs burnt makes a long-term difference. But does one feel more hungry post exercise, when exercise is conducted on a empty stomach. Hence are the gains of exercise with an empty stomach, mitigated with over eating post exercise, as now feel extra hungry. I guess just need to control calories in first. Thanks again Pip


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