PRE 100kgs Dash

This was going to be the actual dash to 100kgs but too many weekends out etc made it not practical. But by using this blog I’ve helped myself to make explicit the reasons for my weight gain. Work strain, not pre planning meals, night outs n hangovers…. all added to weight gain. Fundamental to all for me is to pre plan meals, so I know what I’m going to eat, or just make it so it’s easy aftet nights out. Anyways the results that were as below:

Monday ? Away.

Tuesday 107.9 been reckless past few day. Back up from my recent low of 105.1kgs.

Wednesday 107.3

Thursday 106.9

Friday 106.5 had plenty of junk. Feel like an idiot knowing what I’m working towards!

Saturday 105.9. It’s going to be beers n pizza etc for this long weekend till Monday evening. To be a horror show on scales.

Sunday 107.1

Monday 107.4

Tuesday 108.0 I’m away again this weekend. So let’s control till Friday pm atleast.

Wednesday 107.1

Thursday 106.9

Friday ?

Saturday ?

Sunday ?

Monday 109.9 !!!

PRE 100kgs Dash

What am I Doing pt 3 & 4

Week commencing Monday 10th April

Monday 106.1 kgs

Tuesday 106.1

Wednesday 105.6

Thursday 105.1

Friday ?

Saturday ?

Sunday ?

Monday 107.1

Tuesday 106.6


Thursday 106.6

Friday 106.4 clearly not tried since past 7 days. I’m away this weekend so will start again on Monday.

Saturday Away so not taking the weight scales with me.

Sunday Away

Summary: been wasteful last couple of weeks. I lost focus, and then came the easter break. I’m good at finding excuses. Atleast I lost 2 kgs.  Next challenge will be to lose a stone hence the 6.4kgs in 4 weeks. I will start again Monday for the dash to 100kgs. I need some jedi focus now. I’m determined and focused on everything else, so why not this. Until Monday … 

What am I Doing pt 3 & 4

What am I Doing pt 2

Week commencing Monday 3rd April

Monday 107.1 kgs

Tuesday 106.8

Wednesday 106.4

Thursday 106.2

Friday 105.2 had to redo the scales a few times to recheck.

Saturday 105.2 big meals and desserts today, so expect tomorrows weight to be up.

Sunday 105.7 another day of cakes and junk. So weekly weightloss won’t be as impressive.

Monday 106.1 yep there it is. 

Very much stuck to diet plan with evening treats, except the weekend where broke all the rules. I’m doing well otherwise. Lost 1kg this week. Hopefully lose 2 kgs next week. 

What am I Doing pt 2

What am I doing!!!

So I gained rather than losing the weight since my last posts. 

Target again is 100kgs but now to achieve in 4 weeks. Hence around 2 kgs per week, average at 0.3 kgs per day.

This week I lost 1.5 kgs.

Week commencing 27th March I weighed 108.6kgs. Progress as below. Weight checked in morning, followed by the days comments:

Monday 108.6 done good, but stuffed my face in evening. Not part of plan.

Tuesday 108.3 again good, but could had eaten better in evening. 

Wednesday 108.1 and the evening stuffing continues.

Thursday 107.9 so I over eat and still lose weight. That can’t last long. Hopefully stick to diet plan today.

Friday 107.7 stuck to plan today with a treat at the end. 

Saturday 106.9 wasn’t expecting the morning weightloss. Possibly got excited as Subway, Krispy Kreme and ice creams were involved today.

Sunday 106.9 it became a weekend meltdown.

Monday 107.1 lost  1.5 kgs this week. Which is good but would be better if I just stuck to he plan. 

Ok so now 7 kgs to lose in 3 weeks. Results will come in the next blog. 

What am I doing!!!

Weight Reset


So I’ve been away from blogging for four or more months and not done much with my weight. I weighed 106.5 kgs this morning, target is back to 77 kgs. If I get this done by the end of the year, then I’ve done good. But by end of this month June I like to be 100 kgs, and end of September I like to be 85 kgs. So looking to lose circa 5 kgs per month, that’s 1.25 kgs per week, hence  9625 calories per week, or 1375 calories per day.

That I believe is doable until I at least hit 100 kgs. Will need to review thereafter.

Any diet works, just need to stick to it.

I’ve been able to control my diet and will stick to it as long as my life has routine. As soon as I lose the routine, the diet goes out the window. I had lost my routine in the past months, hence for me why my diet plan didn’t work.

Also I’ve noticed I need to exercise daily, even if for a short while to keep me focused on the diet. As soon as I get lazy with the exercise, I get lazy with eating. Exercise can be going for a walk outside, at a gym, or what I do and that’s at home.

Recently I walk and then jog at 8 kph. I walk for a few minutes until I warm up, and then jog, and walk again to cool down. I aim to extend the jogging by 1 minute per day assuming my legs can manage.  As of two days ago I could jog for 7 minutes.

The diet I aim to follow is of lean protein and some good carbs. Supplemented with multivitamins. I aim to restrict calorie to 750 per day + whatever I exercise. With exercise I get 200 calories burnt, so I should eat on those days I exercise about 950 carbs.

From now on I should post by adding tables of data showing my progress, being calories consumed and burnt, plus progress with cardio.

All the best to me



Weight Reset

Week 1


Week Commencing 1st Feb 2016:

Monday 105.1 kgs

Tuesday 104.6 kgs.

Wednesday 104.4 kgs.

Thursday 104.3 kgs.

Friday 104.2 kgs.

Saturday 105.2 kgs.

Sunday 104.5 kgs.

Monday 104.5 kgs.


So seems to be a small drop in weight, probably due to detox and loss of water retention to find my average weight around 104.5 kgs. Would have dropped more, but over weekend been feasting out, otherwise I was able to control my diet for the first few days.

The real challenge is over the next couple of weeks. I’m aiming for a change in the way I eat, so main focus is diet rather than exercise. I can burn 500 calories in the gym in 1 hour and then feel tired and hungry throughout the day which leads me to over eat, so first I need to control what I would eat in the other 23 hours.

Once I’ve made a habit of healthy controlled eating, my body and mind are adapted to the diet, and lost some more weight, I’ll introduce exercise, particularly cardio for fitness. Right now I need to introduce some light weights to avoid losing muscle mass. Idea is burn fat, save muscle, and feel energized.

Hopefully I will hit 100 kgs by the end of the month. Weight loss hasn’t been as dramatic as I hoped, but perseverance will prevail.


Week 1

Week 0



So we’ve announceweight-loss-shake-2d to the family that the wife and I are to expect our first child in July.

It’s an amazing feeling, I’m humbled by the joy I share with the family, and I feel energized and motivated to create the best world I can for my unborn child. I want to lead by example, and be the best I can for my kid.

Issue is, my physical state isn’t the best that can be, I’m 30 kg over what I want to weigh in at. I need to shred the fat well in time for mid July.

This blog is created to share my weight loss journey, packaged with work life and all. Blogging is a way I feel I can share my progress and motivate myself to do better. First weigh in will be tomorrow, and results will be shown in Week 1.

Week 0


Week 0